Volkswagen T3 fuse and relay list, for early and late T3

The T3 model has been produced for a relatively long period of time. Therefore changes and improvements have been made during its lifespan. In this blog we will show you the fuse and relay list for both early (before 1985) and late (after 1985) fuseboxes. This will help you with any electrical work you are going to do. Make sure to check the right table depending on the build year of your van.

VW T3 fuse and relay list <85 (early model)

The early model T3 vans are equipped with the old VW style ceramic fuse box. Vans that are produced after 85 have a different type that can be found in the next paragraph. In the image and table below you can see the location and use of each fuse / relay and what they are used for:

VW T3 fuse and relay early model
1Headlights (low beam, left) – 8 amp
2Headlights (low beam, right) – 8 amp
3Headlights (high beam, left); high beam indicator lights – 8 amp
4Headlights (high beam, right) – 8 amp
5Rear window defroster – 8 amp
6Emergency flasher; radio – 8 amp
7Cig. lighter, clock, interior lights, instrument cluster – 8 amp
8Turn signals, turn indicator light – 8 amp
9Back-up lights; horns – 16 amp
10HVAC blower fan – 16 amp
11Windshield wipers/washer  – 8 amp
12License plate lights; trunk light – 8 amp
13Exterior running lights, brake light – right
14Exterior running lights, brake light – left
15Radiator cooling fan
Fuel pumpOn fuel pump relay
Air conditioningOn A/C relay

VW T3 fuse and relay list >85 (late)

At the beginning of the 80’s VW started to get rid of the old ceramic fuse box and replaced it by an improved version. This new version was named “Central Electrics” and has been used in many different VW types including the VW T3 from after 1985.

In the image below you can see the location and use of each Relay and Fuse. Some locations are not used in the T3 but are used in different models that use the same electrical system. If you want to add additional electrics you can do it in those free spots.

VW T3 Fuse & relay late model
1Radiator fan.30 Amp
2Brake lights.10 Amp
3Reading lamps,interior lamps, vanity mirror, clock, fag lighter, radio.15 Amp
4Hazard light system.15 Amp
5Spare.– – – – – – – –
6Fog lamps.15 Amp
7LH side lights/ tail lights.10 Amp
8RH side lights/ tail lights.10 Amp
9RH headlamp main beam.10 Amp
10LH headlamp main beam.10 Amp
11Windscreen wipers and washers switch.15 Amp
122nd heater, electric windows, cruise, electric mirror, A/C, rear wiper20 Amp
13Fresh air blower.20 Amp
14Heated rear window, heated mirrors, light switch light.20 Amp
15Reverse lights.10 Amp
16Horn(s)15 Amp
17Windscreen wiper motor.10 Amp
18Brake warning lamp, heated seats, cruise control, belt warning system.10 Amp
19Indicators.10 Amp
20Number plate lights, headlamp washers.10 Amp
21LH dipped beam.10 Amp
22RH dipped beam.10 Amp